How Writing Services Effect on Students Daily Life and Career

Student life — while one may say that is filled with fun-filled activities, others may say how they are always buried under the rock of assignments. One might be a student going to college or high school, but there is no denying on the amount of assignments professors give.

Time to learn

In the middle of assignment and work pressure, writing services eases the pain of many. The online companies that charge students for doing their assignment act as a blessing for many and a problem for some as well.

Me and my colleagues from Writers Per Hour decided to write about pros and cons of using writing service.

Following Are the Pros and Cons You Need to Know About Writing Services


Getting High Quality Work

The writing services hire professionals from freelancing websites that hold a degree in the category they provide services in. The idea behind hiring professionals that are most of the times graduate is because of their knowledge on the particular areas. This leads to providing high quality of work that is not only perfectly researched, but also free of errors.

An Ideal Choice for Non-Native English Students

English essay writing can be a huge problem for non-native English speakers studying in English countries. The essay writing services provide the students with the opportunity of getting out of this problem — by giving a decent amount of cash, a professional can do your work and you don’t have to go through any inconvenience or trouble.

Managing Your Time

Aside from studying, students today have a number of things that need to be taken care of. Some students work part-time to pay for their college dues, while some students indulge in extra-curriculum activities that can get them scholarships or college funds. With studies and activities sledding tougher, students hire help in order to manage their time and get the job alongside as well.

Getting Additional Help and Ideas

There are a number of students who are excellent when it comes to coming up with new, innovative ideas, but cannot pen it down properly. Hiring a writing service will allow students to take help from professional who can give a shape to their thoughts. A good, experienced writing service has professional writers who can play with the ideas of a student and make an excellent written material out of it.


Students Cannot Study The Subject On Their Own

As a student will hire an individual to do all of the work, he or she will never fully understand the subject. For those who want to understand a particular subject, they need to study it themselves. Seeing that work will be done by a third person, students will never be able to understand or master the particular subject.

Paying To Get The Work Done

Everything in life comes with a cost — same is when you hire someone to do your paper or any other written material. In order to have your assignment done, you need to pay the agreed upon cost to the agency or the writer. This puts a student in the problematic situation where they have to give an amount to someone to do their paper, rather than spending their money on important needs.

Quality of Work May Depend

Largely depending on the company you choose, there are chances where you end up hiring a company that gives poor and plagiarized content. There are fake companies and writers as well — they take work from some other writer and add their own, without referencing it properly. This not just results into getting in trouble, but also effects the results and grades.

Fake and Fraud Companies

Getting your work done online is a gamble — there are chances that you pay fall as a prey for a fake, fraudulent writing company that promises to get your work done, but fail. As students are not aware, they are not just in trouble because of the assignment, but also loss their money as companies charge prior to the work.


Conclusively, it is safe to say that one may see the writing services as illegal or gamble servicing that maybe called as “cheating” by many, but it is also regarded as a helpful and useful service for a number of students. These online services also help those students who work as writers on these websites and make cash out of it.

Best online course websites for students

We have hand-picked some of the best online education websites and added their short description.

EdX – trusted by Obama, should we say more? We will. This massive online open course provider was created by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology back in 2012. It’s available in more than one language and offers a big variety of college and university-level courses. On the completion of a course you will receive a certificate of achievement. You can check when choosing a course, which certificate you will receive upon completion: honor code certificate, verified certificate, or XSeries certificate. Find more information here.

Coursera – this platform appeared around three years ago. During this time due its quality and availability, hundreds of thousands people gave this platform thumbs up. Here you will be able to learn almost anything, from physics courses to business management course. Find out more about the available courses here. All of the courses are offered for free; however check prior to starting a course, whether you will need to pay for the certificate.

Coursebuffet – simply put, this is the one of the best courses online! One of our co-workers completed “Introduction to Psychology” course and was very happy with the quality of information. You can view the available courses here.

ClassCentral – besides its quality and variety of materials, we also would like to point out the high social activity that surrounds their informative posts. You can join this great educational community here.

MyOpenCourses – this is an interesting platform by professionals and experts from India. Here you can learn about Aerospace Engineering, Ocean Engineering and everything in between. All of the available courses can be found here.

SkillShare – a good platform both for students and teachers. Right now they have a promotion on their website and you can sign up for a new premium account for only $0.99. You can get more details here.

Open2Study – Another great platform. Learn more about their free courses here.

CreativeLive – an excellent platform, best for both beginning and advanced photographers. You can view the available courses here. BTW we love their blog!

What can you get when starting online courses

It became much easier to get an education or learn useful skills thanks to the rapid development of modern technologies and internet. With the rise of online education courses it became easier to change or advance your career. Online education gives opportunity to everyone. Here is some benefits…

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