Criminal Law Article Review

The article ‘how to write a criminal law paper’ attempts to explain the steps and guidelines for writing an acceptable criminal law paper. Many articles give different views and opinions on how to author a criminal law essay, however, this article summarizes all thoughts into one common guideline. Writing a criminal law paper is not easy. This is even challenging to a new law student. It requires content and order that may challenge the writer. The article, therefore, should give a clear and precise guideline that will enable the student to write the paper with ease. The aim of reviewing the article is to highlight the central issues that may bring a challenge to students while using the article as a guide for their research.

First, the writer states the importance of understanding the question asked. The author explains the need to know how the structure and number of issues in the text. Every part of the question tackled individually and its answers explained. The author also states the need to do individual work. Acknowledging work from other writers is important.

The author later states the need to cite case laws, reforms, and commissions on that particular matter. This is an important aspect of the paper as it shows the lecturer that the student has content and has understood the topic. Discussion may also stretch to decided cases as proof of the existing laws. The cases to provide information as to nature of the case and the defenses that could arise. The writer should demonstrate knowledge of the law.

The author states that the writer should state the practitioners involved. The writer should display knowledge of the practitioners work and should not mix the two. Finally, the author advises the writer to know expected arguments and how to counter them. This would show that you have content of the rule of law in all angles.

In conclusion, the article will aid students in tow to write a good criminal paper. It defines each section’s need. The article concludes by giving a summary of the main arguments towards writing a criminal law essay. The article guides authors on how to derive their arguments from other writers work while accurately acknowledging that work.