High School Persuasive Essay sample

Relevance of the Declaration of Independence


Fourth of July is celebrated by buoyant enthusiasm. There are fireworks and parties and celebratory decorations. The entire continental US is bathed in red, blue and white. The real fact actually is that apart from this yearly tradition of celebrations on the 4th of July, our young generation knows close to nothing on this matter. People themselves have little or no knowledge of the true significance and relevance of the 4th of July so how will they pass on the gems of information.

The Declaration of Independence was made in order to set the precedents of how we as a nation could decide whom we wanted to be ruled by and what was to be the nature of the rulers who were right for the nation. This document did not only set our nation free, it also set us as an example in front of other countries that learned from us and opted to follow the same path. An example of this is that France revolted against King Louis XVI in order to claim its independence.

Contemporary Perspective

In current times we are in extreme need of something akin to the Declaration of Independence that could reinforce the rules by which this country should be run. Of course it is easier said than done. The Declaration of Independence has been reduced to a mere document now. If we cast a look around our selves after reading and understanding the document, it will be apparent as to how the nation has changed.The morals of the people and the people governing us are no longer how they should be.

The most crucial element of the Declaration was the belief in the presence of a divine Creator. The belief in the presence of a Creator puts the fear of accountability into the rulers of the nation and the people of the country too. But as our nation has proceeded and science has advanced, people consider the belief in God to be a backward and uneducated and illiterate concept. This diminishes the relevance of the Declaration of Independence in the present world.

The other major objective of the Declaration of Independence is the Freedom of Speech. The numerous ways in which this right of freedom of speech is violated on a daily basis in US is sky is unbelievable. This sums up the major objective of the Declaration. It is apparent from the argument that both of these significant teachings of the Declaration are not adhered to in our modern day society. We as a progressive nation have deviated from the teachings of our forefathers.


This is not only the case in US; it is gradually taking over the whole world. Of course if there is no belief in the presence of a creator then all other concepts associated with the creator are refuted in the same sequence. It leaves us in a rudderless ship. The very document that was supposed to be taken as a source of guidance for generations to come is no longer valid to our society.

This is indeed a sad situation for our nation as our forefathers made this Declaration for this country so that we could live with our rights being fulfilled. The complete irrelevance of the Declaration of Independence to our current generation is going to lead us to massive problems in the future where we will also lose the right to be a role model for other nations to follow.