How to write a lab report

Lab reports are written with the sole aim of giving a vivid description and analysis of laboratory experiments. The experiments are carried out to explore certain concepts in the world of science. Writing the lab report is thus crucial mostly for the engineering students because it accounts for a considerable percentage of their final score. The purpose of writing should clearly be understood before embarking writing the lab report. The students must indicate what they did; the findings obtained, and the meaning of results.

Starting your report, ensures that it has a title and an abstract. The title should be brief but capture what is essential about the lab such as scientific concepts and the variable involved. The abstract should comprise at least two paragraphs but should give a detailed summary of the entire report. Some of the elements that are inculcated in the abstract include objectives, methods, results, and discussions of the study.

When writing a lab report – the introduction should be drafted to elicit insights to the reader on the reason the experiment was done. One must indicate extra background information to answer why the test is important as well as the associated findings. In writing the lab report, the student ought to justify why the study is performed. Prior knowledge that is currently available pertaining the selected study must be highlighted. The particular hypothesis and the experiment design that the student incorporated in the study should be stipulated when composing the lab report.

Materials and methods used play a critical role. The experimental section depicts in a comprehensive manner all the procedures that were deployed during the study. The guidelines that are followed when designing this part of the lab report include explaining the scientific process that was used to study the problem. The materials, their quantity, and the equipment employed are identified. Further, when writing this section of the lab report, the steps in their sequential order are highlighted in a bid to explain how the student proceeded. Under methods, the mathematical equations and any statistical tests that the student undertook must be emphasized.

The results section must appear when writing the lab report. The results portion portrays the information that was retrieved from the experiment. The information is summarized and composed into different diagrammatic representations like tables, graphs, or pie charts. However, all the results must be presented regardless of whether they support the outlined hypothesis. All the information that appears in the text must coincide with the results in the diagrammatic representations.

Lab report’s discussion section describes the significance of the results alongside giving an account of what unfolded in the experiment. The discussion must stipulate the observation findings, show patterns, and relationships. Consequently, contradictions and agreements depicted by the results should be unearthed. The discussion section should also indicate the theoretical applications of the results derived from the study. Lastly, when writing the lab report, the student should include the conclusion and the reference parts. The conclusion should give a brief summary of the study while the references entail the published works that the student cited in the report.