How To Write A ToK Essay


Usually students face problems in writing TOK essays because they are tricky and require a comprehensive understanding of the area of knowledge being addressed. This guidelines provides students an easy seven step guide into writing their TOK essays without stopping and thinking how. It’s important for students to know at every point that where they stand and where they have to go next after that step. TOK essays can be complicated from the title to the hypothesis and to the conclusion. Hence, students need informal tips that can help them through their essays. 

This guide is a straight forward pathway to the way the essay is to be structured and written. It tells that the first step is getting started with a title which is most crucial for students. They need to know how to get started and how to gather their ideas for their essay. This seven step guide can help students understand the way a TOK essay is to be written and if followed well, it can help them score high. It is a strong foundation of the TOK essay and also allows students to add their own or tutor’s tips in each of the steps to go smoothly.   

TOK essay guidelines can help you instigate an area of knowledge and look at it beyond your horizon. You can gather your ideas from your class to these guidelines and come up with a title and outline that covers all the major claims and counterclaims. Once the students have followed the guide and written their essays, they should know for themselves that they have understood the areas of knowledge and presented them in their own words. This is the time for celebration when you have finally written and submitted your TOK essay.

Who Can I Pay To Critique My Paper Online?

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Who Can Write My 4000 Words Essay For IB School

An IB extended essay includes a number of well-researched tasks that form a well-structured and oriented assignment. It is one of the most important components for students who are taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma program. In order to get a 4000 words essay for this degree program, students take support from professional and genuine writing services like the Writers Per Hour.

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I do not know what topic to choose for my essay

Choosing an essay topic is one of the fundamental steps that a student must undergo before writing an essay or a research paper. The success of any essay is directed related to the student’s ability to make choices on the topic of discussion. The task proves to be challenging for most students in college. In this regard, the custom essay help is suitable to solve the problem for the students who encounter difficulties in the establishment of appropriate topics for their essay.

Custom essay service seeks to assist students to pinpoint the topics from which to base their essay. The help is made available by students identifying their areas of interest. The custom essay help seeks to choose topics that coincide with the knowledge of the student. Enthusiasm originating from the essay topic enables the student to demonstrate considerable commitment regarding effort and time to make successful completion of the essay.

Urgent custom essay help plays a pivotal role in enhancing the student’s ability to brainstorm of various possible topics in their areas of interest. Through providing deeper insights on what various topics entail, the student is can make informed choices on the best topic to select for their essay.Custom essay help also assists the students with ample information on how information concerning various topics can be obtained through the process of research. The student is thus left with more insights on how to opt for topics that have richer information making it easy defend various arguments in the essay.

Ways to approach an essay vary depending on the topic that the student prefers. Therefore, Custom essay help provides excellent assistance to students on the best ways to approach particular topics. The structure in any assay is a fundamental tool that determines the entire quality of the essay. Depending on the topic of the essay, the framework is easily formulated. The outline acts as the skeleton of the essay as well as the guideline when writing the paper.

Some topics have a vast scope. The information contained in such topics must be compressed to manageable levels. A standard essay should never discuss general issues but should seek to defend a particular argument. The argument must be vivid and easily compassable to fit the space that has been availed. The custom essay helps recommendable to aid the students in selecting topics that well refined and free from contradictions.

Extensive research is deployed before the final choice of the research topic is done. The reason for the research is to alienate any chances of selecting vague topics. Vague ideas cannot be transformed to become topics for an essay because the lecturer will not understand what the student intended to communicate. The custom essay help thus becomes necessary to guide the student in the preliminary research of their essay topic. Secondary sources such as books, journal, publications, and newspapers are sought with the objective of providing deeper insights into the best alternative essay topic.

How can I get an A+ for my essay

There are some key things that should be considered before writing an A+ essay. Introducing the essay using captivating words that will make the reader or the examiner interested in what the work is the initial step. Further, using vocabulary that is precise ensures that the examiner easily understands the essay. The introductory paragraph should be a basis of foundation for the topic of discussion. Using simple language in the definition of the key terms in the subject of debate will not only make the topic interesting to the readers but also give the writer a clear note to drive the point home. The key terms defined should be connected to the concepts of the topic of discussion. An expert perspective should not be left unturned in composing an A+ essay. Through preliminary research on the topic, the writer should brainstorm the body of knowledge to use in approaching the issues he/she wants to present.

Studying deeply into the topic will not only presents a new angle approach the issue but also widen the scope of the writer’s knowledge of the subject. An A+ essay has an excellent presentation of points. The writer argues a well-researched point using supportive facts from the literature of other people and authors who have written on the topic before. The writer presents the points in prose and logical manner to avoid mixing up of content. That will guide the reader through the problem as they journey all the way to the conclusion of the topic. This makes the essay unique. An excellent essay is unique from others written by different writers, in that the writer should think of what other writers missed on the same topic. This will make the essay stand out among a pile of essays. The writer should detail for the examiner gaps that other scholars missed while writing and the importance topic of filling these gaps. Filling the knowledge gaps should be the motivators of an A+ essay writer towards writing on the topic of choice.

The A+ essay writer should remember essay writing is like doing a business in a competitive market and making the product unique by branding among other important marketing aspects will make the product survive in the competitive edge of the market. Spicing up the essay makes it survive in the by the examiner awarding an A+. The writer should also conclude the topic of discussion by giving an overview of the topic highlighting the key points in the topic that needs to be reinstated. The writer should give his/her point of view about the topic and give his recommendation about the same. What makes the essay good is the recognition of the people and sources that were used in developing the arguments of the topic. Apart from that, the writer should own the essay so that it appears more original and present the strong view that the readers will find in the essay. In outline, an A+ essay should be precise in terms of vocabulary and content, thoroughly researched, acknowledged sources through accurate citation and properly formatted.

Decameron essay sample

How to Get Help with Essay Writing Online

An essay is a continuously written composition that tries to explore particular issue or subject. It is typically written in prose form. An academic essay helps students to achieve academic success in different fields of study. Before one graduates from a university or a college, he/she will be required to perform various writing assignments, term papers, dissertations, and reports. All these are not taken for granted as they contribute to the final grade and the students’ cumulative grade.

However, students face a challenge when trying to balance between college activities and the assignments. As a result, they fail to write a quality essay paper because they are running short of time. Nonetheless, students can get help with essay writing online by consulting professionals conversant with various types of essays.

A good essay – what is this ?

A good essay must have three major parts or sections: the introduction, body, and conclusion. An introduction section contains the definition of key terms in the topic of interest; it covers the subject of discussion by functional the key terms in the essay. When writing an excellent introduction, the student should consider the part as the mother of the other parts of the essay. This will allow the writer to write a good body of the topic. Nevertheless, if the student finds difficulty in doing so successfully, one can get help with essay writing online.

The body, on the hand, includes the discussion of the topic. This is where the writer reads other people’s essays so that it can help in developing and building on essay-writing style. Reading essays on a wide variety of topics, not necessarily just those that the writer is writing on; different topics might apply different kinds of statements or techniques that enhance their writing skills.  A good vocabulary will allow the writer to express exactly what he/she mean, as clearly and concisely as possible.

Do not use a lot of words is a characteristic of all good essays because the professor or the lecturer likes precision and being straight to the point. The body should always be supported by other literature sources or analysis by other authors. Getting help with essay writing online spices up your essay so that it arouse interest to the reader. Plain essays do not receive credit from the readers. By doing so, it will develop the point well and drives it home.

The conclusion part of the essay writing entails the summary of the topic dealt. It concludes the topic of discussion by pointing out the key points that were discussed in the topic. Writing a good conclusion of an essay requires that a student gives each part of the essay a unique purpose and tries to fulfill that purpose. The conclusion is normally half a page and should conclude the topic as precise as possible. Thus, when you get help with essay writing online, the paper places the reader at the body of interest and defends the points clearly so that the reader puts away any element of doubt in the writer’s ability to deliver quality.

Good financial essay example

Essay example on topic “Ratio Analysis” Accounting and Finance subject
Academic Level is Undergraduate 3-4 years and Citation style – APA.

High School Persuasive Essay sample

Relevance of the Declaration of Independence


Fourth of July is celebrated by buoyant enthusiasm. There are fireworks and parties and celebratory decorations. The entire continental US is bathed in red, blue and white. The real fact actually is that apart from this yearly tradition of celebrations on the 4th of July, our young generation knows close to nothing on this matter. People themselves have little or no knowledge of the true significance and relevance of the 4th of July so how will they pass on the gems of information.

The Declaration of Independence was made in order to set the precedents of how we as a nation could decide whom we wanted to be ruled by and what was to be the nature of the rulers who were right for the nation. This document did not only set our nation free, it also set us as an example in front of other countries that learned from us and opted to follow the same path. An example of this is that France revolted against King Louis XVI in order to claim its independence.

Contemporary Perspective

In current times we are in extreme need of something akin to the Declaration of Independence that could reinforce the rules by which this country should be run. Of course it is easier said than done. The Declaration of Independence has been reduced to a mere document now. If we cast a look around our selves after reading and understanding the document, it will be apparent as to how the nation has changed.The morals of the people and the people governing us are no longer how they should be.

The most crucial element of the Declaration was the belief in the presence of a divine Creator. The belief in the presence of a Creator puts the fear of accountability into the rulers of the nation and the people of the country too. But as our nation has proceeded and science has advanced, people consider the belief in God to be a backward and uneducated and illiterate concept. This diminishes the relevance of the Declaration of Independence in the present world.

The other major objective of the Declaration of Independence is the Freedom of Speech. The numerous ways in which this right of freedom of speech is violated on a daily basis in US is sky is unbelievable. This sums up the major objective of the Declaration. It is apparent from the argument that both of these significant teachings of the Declaration are not adhered to in our modern day society. We as a progressive nation have deviated from the teachings of our forefathers.


This is not only the case in US; it is gradually taking over the whole world. Of course if there is no belief in the presence of a creator then all other concepts associated with the creator are refuted in the same sequence. It leaves us in a rudderless ship. The very document that was supposed to be taken as a source of guidance for generations to come is no longer valid to our society.

This is indeed a sad situation for our nation as our forefathers made this Declaration for this country so that we could live with our rights being fulfilled. The complete irrelevance of the Declaration of Independence to our current generation is going to lead us to massive problems in the future where we will also lose the right to be a role model for other nations to follow.