Good research topics for nursing students

More often the challenge facing nursing students concern getting good research topics to delve into as part of the requirements in the variouscurriculum areas. Notably, most of them rush to writing a topic which is not their choice because time has gotten up with them and the deadline for submission is almost due. What others will do will actually hire a person to write for them, which is good as it will save on time and resources but the challenge to them is that they may not get enough time to go through that research and be able to defend it effectively thus leading to low marks awarded along with failure to be gradedwhich is normally the worst instance.

Here is some examples of research topics related to Nursing

  1. Does the administration of pain medication during surgical incision reduce the need for pain medication twenty-four hours after surgery?
  2. What maternal factors are associated with obesity in toddlers?
  3. What elements of a peer support intervention prevent suicide in high school females?
  4. What is the most accurate and comprehensive way to determine men’s experience of physical assault?
  5. What is the effect of yoga as traditional physical therapy in reducing lymphedema in patients who have had head and neck cancer treatment?
  6. In the third stage of labor, what is the effect of cord cutting within the first three minutes on placenta separation?
  7. Do teenagers with Type 1 diabetes who receive phone tweet reminders maintain lower blood sugars than those who do not?
  8. Do the elderly diagnosed with dementia experience pain?
  9.  How can siblings’ risk of depression be predicted after the death of a child?
  10.  How can cachexia be prevented in cancer patients receiving aggressive protocols involving radiation and chemotherapy?
  11. Does the organization of renal transplant nurse coordinators’ responsibilities influence live donor rates?
  12. What activities of nurse managers are associated with nurse turnover?  30 day readmission rates?
  13. What effect does the Nurse Faculty Loan program have on the nurse researcher workforce? What effect would a 20% decrease in funds have?
  14. How do psychiatric hospital unit designs influence the incidence of patients’ aggression?
  15. What are Native American patient preferences regarding the timing, location and costs for weight management counseling and how will meeting these preferences influence participation?
  16.  What predicts registered nurse retention in the US Army?
  17. How, if at all, are the timing and location of suicide prevention appointments linked to veterans ‘suicide rates?
  18. What predicts the sustainability of quality improvement programs in operating rooms?
  19. Do integrated computerized nursing records across points of care improve patient outcomes?
  20. How many nurse practitioners will the US need in 2020?
  21. Current issues in nursing practice

There are very many issues that can be explored in the field of nursing and health science in general. It is very important that the student maintains focus in exploring issues that are related to his/her career.

Current issues in nursing practice example


How to write a lab report

Lab reports are written with the sole aim of giving a vivid description and analysis of laboratory experiments. The experiments are carried out to explore certain concepts in the world of science. Writing the lab report is thus crucial mostly for the engineering students because it accounts for a considerable percentage of their final score. The purpose of writing should clearly be understood before embarking writing the lab report. The students must indicate what they did; the findings obtained, and the meaning of results.

Starting your report, ensures that it has a title and an abstract. The title should be brief but capture what is essential about the lab such as scientific concepts and the variable involved. The abstract should comprise at least two paragraphs but should give a detailed summary of the entire report. Some of the elements that are inculcated in the abstract include objectives, methods, results, and discussions of the study.

When writing a lab report – the introduction should be drafted to elicit insights to the reader on the reason the experiment was done. One must indicate extra background information to answer why the test is important as well as the associated findings. In writing the lab report, the student ought to justify why the study is performed. Prior knowledge that is currently available pertaining the selected study must be highlighted. The particular hypothesis and the experiment design that the student incorporated in the study should be stipulated when composing the lab report.

Materials and methods used play a critical role. The experimental section depicts in a comprehensive manner all the procedures that were deployed during the study. The guidelines that are followed when designing this part of the lab report include explaining the scientific process that was used to study the problem. The materials, their quantity, and the equipment employed are identified. Further, when writing this section of the lab report, the steps in their sequential order are highlighted in a bid to explain how the student proceeded. Under methods, the mathematical equations and any statistical tests that the student undertook must be emphasized.

The results section must appear when writing the lab report. The results portion portrays the information that was retrieved from the experiment. The information is summarized and composed into different diagrammatic representations like tables, graphs, or pie charts. However, all the results must be presented regardless of whether they support the outlined hypothesis. All the information that appears in the text must coincide with the results in the diagrammatic representations.

Lab report’s discussion section describes the significance of the results alongside giving an account of what unfolded in the experiment. The discussion must stipulate the observation findings, show patterns, and relationships. Consequently, contradictions and agreements depicted by the results should be unearthed. The discussion section should also indicate the theoretical applications of the results derived from the study. Lastly, when writing the lab report, the student should include the conclusion and the reference parts. The conclusion should give a brief summary of the study while the references entail the published works that the student cited in the report.

How to start writing a love letter

Writing a love letter ought to consider some crucial aspects that adequately express one’s feelings to their dear ones. Despite the fact that text messages and e-mails have replaced the old-fashioned yet unique handwritten love letters offer the recipient a special and rare treat that would enhance their relationship with the sender. Since love letters act as keepsakes that rekindle the reminiscences worth cherishing, the process of writing a love letter should ensure this drive is achieved.  So, before you start writing a love letter, elements like the presentation, ambiance, greeting, beginning, body, and closing require close consideration for the purpose of writing a well-articulated love letter.

So,how to start writing a love letter – constitutes the preparation, drafting, and finishing aspects. One ought to get prepared by eliminating fear before they endeavor in writing a love letter. Thus, the initial step necessitates one to be confident in their process of writing as demonstrated by the choice of the words that express their true feelings. Additionally, setting the mood by thinking about the loved one enables you to reflect on your feelings about them. A rough draft should follow whereby the beginning, body, and closing gains consideration through a positive approach that expresses your feelings. After a draft has been prepared, you can start writing a love letter by picking a nice stationery or paper that would impress the cherished person. The love letter should appear in a manner that evokes feelings by integrating a sense of uniqueness in the touch, color, and scent.


Tips to write a love letter

As noted earlier, writing a love letter requires the consideration of several key tips that would make the love letter an outstanding one. In this concern, the beginning, body, and closing ought to constitute some aspects that enhance the delivery of the true feelings to the intended person. The presentation element should consider the use of beautiful stationery penned with preferably brown or black ink. Stimulating a romantic mood through music or dim lights would create a great ambiance in the letter as well.

For the keepsake purpose, dating the love letter is crucial to make it worth rereading and treasuring. The greeting should incorporate an endearing salutation that is not formal. For example, “My dearest Amanda…” The beginning of the love letter captures the motive for writing. Thus, it should effectively introduce the subject of the letter by passing on heartfelt words to the endeared party. For instance, “I am writing to express the degree of my love for you…”

The body of the love letter communicates why you are in love with the recipient. One ought to be realistic at this point by writing about special moments or qualities that keep their love burning. For instance, explaining their positive impact on your life.

Lastly, the closing requires the writer to consider a positive and an upbeat prose that leaves the receiver wanting more from the sender. Here, the valediction could be something like “Dear darling, dream of me tonight…” Generally, neatness and expressiveness count in the love letter as they bolster its effectiveness in communicating one’s feelings throughout the letter.

Is it right to buy research paper online?

In the course of the university or college studies, students are required to complete at least one research paper. The success of any research paper portrays the competent of the student in the field of education. Failure to complete the paper successfully may lead to grave consequences like missing the graduation or expulsion from the institution.

Writing first-class quality term papers is not a simple task. It calls for comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the subject or area of study. Unfortunately, most students are inexperienced and do not possess qualities of professional writers. Their attempts to work on the research paper ends up being futile. Most get stressed up and to some extreme cases; they drop out of the system.

Most institutions offer courses to enhance the writing and communication skills of the students to curb the writing problem. The objective is to ensure that students become competent writers and researchers with proper knowledge about all types of formats used to write term papers. However, the practical bit of such courses fails. The students are not well exposed hence ends up being poor writers.

Mandatories that students consider when choosing a service to buy research paper

When you seek to buy research paper, things are made convenient for you. You get quality research paper and your free time to participate in social activities and focus on your exams. However, not all services are good. The following guidelines will help you make a wise choice.

  1. Use services that will allow you to take control of the writing process entirely. It ensures that you receive work that completely meets your requirements.
  2. Always check if price and quality are worth taking. It is always good to balance the quality and the cost of your research paper. Term papers are of different prices depending on academic level, the length of the paper and the language quality. Therefore, do not expect to get a very cheap custom term paper. Purchase the paper that you can afford without ignoring its quality. Always remember that cheap turns expensive most of the times.
  3. Be on the look for guarantees. In case you need to revise or to improve your paper, look for services that offer free revision services at your request. Any professional writer appreciates changes as part of a strong writing. Reliable services tailor the work to meet client’s interest.
  4. Timely delivery. Get help from those who value time and do timely delivery. All focused students will never miss meeting deadlines.

Other challenges that students face

Students who are part-timers often find themselves gambling between class performance and occupation. Other times a student might forget to work on the term paper and only to remember when the deadline is around the corner. In some instances, they might not even understand the requirements of the whole writing process. They waste time trying to do something they cannot get done successfully. The academic load becomes heavy and unbearable. Students stop to appreciate their own time and abandon other important activities.

Seeking help from experts remains the best option to take. Some of the valid reasons that make students seek writing help are:

  1. Students are always out of time when writing the research papers.
  2. Most learners get tired of struggling to write your research paper.
  3. The majority of the students end up getting poor grades in the papers they submit.

Choosing a good service to do the writing becomes a headache for students. With many writing services available, any focused student will want to seek help from top writers only. Many people ask, who will write a research paper for me? Below are things they should consider when selecting a writing service.

  1. Deliver best quality work.
  2. Create research papers according to academic standards.
  3. They meet the customers’ instructions and requirements.
  4. They have enough expertise in getting the right content of any research paper.
  5. They ensure that you get the maximum score possible. Top-quality writers understand that grades matter the most in higher learning institutions.
  6. Gives you a guarantee to receive a 100% plagiarism free term paper. Professional writers work with a team of editors who revise the paper to ensure that all mistakes are corrected. They also use the most modern software to detect plagiarism.