Where Can I Buy ToK Essay For International Baccalaureate?

For a student, it is compulsory to compose and write original academic tasks on regular basis. Theory of Knowledge, often referred as TOK is a diploma course compulsory for bachelors to take. While undergoing this course, students are required to write TOK essays for their degree. Often, students are unable to write IB essay on TOK, which gives them the option to buy TOK essays online. Wondering the same thing? Worry not, as Writers Per Hour has your back.

Getting papers over the internet are becoming a popular and largely used option amongst students. This is usually because education is treated like a strict, important necessity rather than a desire. In order to get better grades and high level of education, students are told to produce a number of academic tasks.

Writers Per Hour understands that composing academic papers, especially IB TOK essays are not an easy task. If you want to buy ToK essays for international baccalaureate, visit us now. Writers Per Hour is the perfect essay writing company that helps students in terms of buying academic papers and provide assistance in a number of different tasks related to academic as well. We offer our students to buy IB essays online and to help them by writing any sort of paper with respect to high quality and time accuracy. Regardless of what the deadline is and what your requirements, we make sure there is not a single compromise made from our end.

With Writers Per Hour, you will witness how it feels when you hire a professional to do your job. Our writers know the subjects they are assigned and follow the guidelines that are given to them by the students. 

Once you hire the Writers Per Hour, you will not have to worry about anything. We deal in all kinds of academic projects, regardless of what their level is.


Do not have enough time to write an essay for uni?

When writing an academic paper or an essay, a number of questions haunt the minds of students, “how to complete this paper on time?”, ”how to beat urgent deadline of my essay?” and various other questions keep the innumerable students tensed when they have to meet an urgent deadline. 

When students are short on time due to their part time jobs or other responsibilities that are to be dealt with during their studies, it makes it difficult or sometimes, impossible for them to meet the deadline of their academic assignment. Without additional guidelines, it is impossible for someone to focus on their paper and meet the deadline of submission.

This is why students hunt for writing services to write their paper under urgent deadlines. Having that said, you can always trust Thesis Writer when you don’t understand how to meet the deadlines. We will write 3 pages essay for you in one hour – the point is that you will never have to worry about meeting your deadlines when you hire us to compose and write your academic essay.

We are a team of professional writers and proofreaders who follow the writing structures, style and patterns. Each of our writers possesses the knowledge required to expertise the particular subject. After doing proper research and gathering all the facts and figures, an original essay is composed that is free of any grammar issue. Once that is done, it is passed to our editor who sees if there is any mistake in the paper. In case the student is not satisfied, we offer free revisions as we care about our students the most. All of this will be done within the given timeframe.

We understand that urgent writing can often scare the student. This is why whenever you choose the Thesis Writer; you will not have to worry about the deadlines and the quality of your academic paper.

Who can I pay if I need my paper to be improved?

Academic papers play an important role in the academic life of students. From high school students to the ones getting their PhDs, academic papers are very important in different courses. While a lot of students may feel intrigued composing a paper, some find it difficult to write a paper they are assigned on the topic they possess no knowledge about. On the other hand, there are some students who are invested in extra-curricular activities or part job, which makes it difficult for them to properly write a paper, with their utmost attention.

This is when students think they need assistance in terms of getting their papers revised or edited. If you are also worried about getting a lower grade on the paper you worked so hard for, you can always hire the Thesis Writer for editing and revising your paper.

Thesis Writer offers writers per hour who will edit and revise your paper for sure. If you are low on time and need to submit your paper within an hour, our professional proofreaders will make sure they give the most attention to your paper and edit it accordingly.

We understand that sometimes, people left out mistakes even after checking it. This is why a second opinion plays a vital role in our lives, especially when you have a graded assignment that holds a lot of importance in your academic life. You do not deserve to get a lower grade just because of the few mistakes you made after putting your precious hours in composing a paper. Therefore, getting your paper revised or edited from a professional is very important.

Contact Thesis Writer at any hour of the day and you will not feel disappointed. We will carefully proofread and revise your paper so that there is no room for mistakes.

How to get someone’s help to write my paper online?

Writing an academic paper is a complicated task, especially when you do not have enough knowledge about a particular topic you are assigned. Often, students look for someone to help them in composing an academic paper. If you need someone’s help, you can visit Writers Ph – a team full of professional and knowledgeable academic writers. 

There are a number of companies that offer academic writing services online. You can search through the internet and find a number of companies that offer writing for students of high school, undergrad, masters and PhD levels. These companies may even promise to offer the best of services and may even charge a lot of money as well. However, not every company is genuine or has a composed and knowledgeable team of writers. Once you contact Thesis Writer, you will see how timely and efficient services we have to offer.

When you are worried with the thought of “who can write my paper”, Thesis Writer will be there to answer your queries. We offer our services on quick and urgent deadlines as well. Regardless of what style of writing you want, our team will make sure they are offered to you so that you get the best results on your paper.

Once you hire us, you do not need to worry about anything. From free revisions to plagiarism free paper, we offer everything you are looking for. All you have to do is contact us through our website, fill us with all the details of your assignment and we will give it to you within the deadline you have asked for.

Our aim is to provide the best writing services to students so that they can come to us with their English assignments. Thus, hire us today and get the best of writing services online.

What should you look at when hiring someone to write a paper for you?

It is often said, “Two heads are better than one” – and a lot of people firmly believe in this quote.

There are a lot of high school, college and university students who are unable to produce a decent and good grade-worthy academic assignment. This often happens when a student is assigned a topic which doesn’t have their interest or when a student is too involved in the pressure of their academic life. This is where an academic writing company comes in play.

When hunting for a writing company, keep in mind that there are a lot of scam companies present over the internet. These are the type of companies who make fake promises. After paying them half of the fee or sometimes full, they deliver work full of plagiarism or content that is filled with grammar errors. In return, they do not offer revision or sometimes, refuse to deal with the issues they caused. Would you want yourself to spend your time and money on a fake company?

When you are paying someone to write a paper for you, it is their responsibility to meet the deadlines, produce a fresh piece of content and do everything it takes to provide you with the best grades. The question here arises, how to choose paper writing service which is legit?

5 tips that will help to hire the best writing company

Where to find someone who can do my paper?”, – the internet, obviously, is the best place. You do not have to go anywhere once you find a company which offers its writing services online. However, how would you know if it is a legit company or not?

Internet is the place where you will find a number of writing services who will promise you to provide you with the best academic assignment. However, in order to find the best and a genuine website to write your papers, you will need to do your homework as well. Following are the steps that need to be done before hiring a writing company online:

#1. Find companies reviews on SiteJabber

In order to avoid dealing with scams and getting your work done through a professional writing service, get the reviews of the particular company available on SiteJabber. Getting authentic reviews from SiteJabber writing services reviews will reduce trust issues and help an individual in making a better choice.

It is important that you check how the company answers and deal with their clients. Never solely trust the reviews present on their website as they are not always true and they can be self-created as well. See the rate and review SiteJabber give to the companies as they are genuinely legit.

#2. Look at the Policy

Before hiring writers who will be playing with your academic paper’s future, it is important that you go through the policies they have.

Make sure these companies offer revision in case the writers do not provide you with the type of paper you were looking for. It is important to go through the policies so that you are aware of what they are going to offer. Carefully look into their terms and condition and also see how they deal with refund.

For example, Thesis Writer offers free revisions and they aim to provide original content to the students. It is stated in their policy if there is any issue in the work produced by their writers, there will be free revisions.

#3. Check Social Activities

Whenever you are looking for companies, always see their social media accounts. Social media plays an important and for genuine writing companies, they always keep their social media account active as students mostly contact them there.

A legit company will always answer the concerns of people and stay regular on sharing insights as well. Furthermore, Facebook allows people to rate a particular business on their social media page. In order to know if the company is legit and they are doing their job correctly, you can find that out through the reviews and rating people give them.

Companies also share their papers and other academic writing content on their social accounts. For example, Writers Per Hour shares their best academic paper assignments on their Google+ and SlideShare accounts. This not only proves that they are legit, but also shows the quality of work they offer.

#4. Verified business

All of the above stated points surely verify the business. However, another way through which a student can be sure that the company is genuine is through My Business by Google. My Business verifies the location of the company by sending you the code which is linked with the location of the company. Companies get to list for free on this platform and therefore, you can check the location of your desired writing company through Google My Business.

#5. Chat with the Support

Every good writing website offers 24/7 chat support service to their clients. It is important for the support team to be knowledgeable and friendly in order to answer all your queries. If you are asking too many questions, the support team should not feel annoyed and help you by answering all of your concerns.

Furthermore, it is important that the support crew needs to be aware of the entire process. They should be aware of the policies of the company, what type of papers they offer, how skilled their writers are, the fees, all the process and the discount policy as well.

When you will see how prompt and active the team is, it will be wise to call them a legit team. Not only will you develop an understanding with the team, but you will also be able to trust them freely.


It is understandable that you will look for someone who can write the best papers online. Having that said, it is also important that you must not only trust their words – you need to see their actions as well – you need to see their social media activities and how they prove themselves as a legit company.

Do not invest you time and money in a scam company. Follow the above stated steps and save yourself from falling in the trap of a fake writing company.

Need help with your travel and tourism assignments?

If you want help regarding essay writing, where in you want to narrate your traveling experience, then we are your perfect choice. We consider ourselves to be professional experts when it comes to providing you with the best academic help, and we definitely make it our mission to keep you, our clients, satisfied and happy. We take it upon ourselves to provide all our clients with plagiarism free, grammatically accurate and high-quality tourism and travel essays and academic papers as per our client’s specifications. There are many essay writing services available all over the World Wide Web, but none can provide a high level of accuracy such as us.

There are many academics who trust with their essays and papers in order to concentrate on something else, and we make sure that we can help out in any way possible, to ensure that our academic clients come back to us for more assistance. To us, earning a profit is our second priority. Our first and foremost target is to help our client achieve the desired grade with our high quality writing. If our quality falters, we lose our clients, and our client loses his or her grade. That is the very reason, simply to ensure that we retain all our bright young academics, we make sure that we provide the best possible quality, and definitely better than any other website available on the web.

Our business strategy is quite simple – high quality, timely delivery, and a clear promise of providing both. We offer a variety of academic services, such as writing essays, editing them as per the client’s specifications, checking plagiarism of an already written paper, correcting grammatical errors, etc. We cover a variety of educational fields, such as science, commerce, arts, etc. We follow a multi level service approach so that we can deal with each client in their own specific way. This approach mainly includes the following:

  • Providing our clients a detailed look at the services we provide, and offer to help out in any way possible
  • Hiring and making use of eligible and quality writers who can write a paper or an essay based on the client’s field of studies
  • Keeping an eye on the work being done and coordinating with each department to ensure timely delivery

Why we lend a helping hand for your college assignments 

Having a ton of academic work to complete and running out time slowly is an extremely common thing for academics and students nowadays, owing to the hectic life they, and we, live. They may choose any major or any field of study, all of them will face this same issue – a serious lack of time. All projects, lab works, essays, projects, can be finished in the given time, but only if they give up on everything else, such as sports, going out with friends, watching movies, going to a party, etc.

That is where we come in to help a lending hand to these students and academics. The writing specialists we hire are there 24×7 to help out students with any and every college and / or university papers and even urgent essays writing help. So that timely submission can be done. Many colleges encourage students to work on their travel essays at the start of the term, to write about their adventure and trips they might have gone to. These universities and colleges set aside a certain grade percentage on a student’s essay, based on his or her ability to write something outside their field of studies. Similar to other projects, these essays also come with a submission deadline, and have to be 100% accurate grammatically, and free from any sort of plagiarism.

Many universities provide scholarships to students based on these essays based on a student’s recent road trip, so it is imperative that students put in extra effort on this work. But with all other projects and lab works, this can be difficult. That is the reason we have taken it upon ourselves to provide help with essays and papers so that students can get the scholarship or educational sponsorship that they so desire. We make sure that our writers follow the latest standards of essay writing so that the submitted paper can be impressive in the eyes of the professor in charge.

Highlights of our custom writing services

We provide a variety of services to all our clients, mainly academics and students. Literally speaking, our services are six-fold. Let us have a brief look at what we do for our clients.

Free of cost revisions of papers

If a client thinks that the H1 essay, based on their traveling experience, written by us is not 100% accurate or satisfactory, then he or she can contact us for revisions for an unlimited number of times. As long as the client is not satisfied with our essay, we do not consider the project to be closed.

24×7 support for all our clients

Not only do we provide the finest quality essays, written by the finest writers, and that too within the specified deadline, our customer service cell is always there to help our clients with any query or issue that they might have. We ensure that our services are followed by proper backup for the service we provide.

Timely delivery of all projects

We ensure that any project we take up is delivered on time, and within the deadline specified by our client. The words LATE SUBMISSION is actually not in our dictionary. In order to allow time revisions, we ensure that the first draft of the essay is sent to the client well before the last date of submission.

Guarantee of zero plagiarism

Plagiarism has become a regular thing nowadays, with more and more companies following fraudulent measures to earn money, and while doing so, provide their clients with copied essays. We make sure that none of our writers copy anything from the internet. All words written are their own, thereby guaranteeing our zero plagiarism policy. Also, many universities put the essays through plagiarism checkers. So we are extra careful with our work.