What should you look at when hiring someone to write a paper for you?

It is often said, “Two heads are better than one” – and a lot of people firmly believe in this quote.

There are a lot of high school, college and university students who are unable to produce a decent and good grade-worthy academic assignment. This often happens when a student is assigned a topic which doesn’t have their interest or when a student is too involved in the pressure of their academic life. This is where an academic writing company comes in play.

When hunting for a writing company, keep in mind that there are a lot of scam companies present over the internet. These are the type of companies who make fake promises. After paying them half of the fee or sometimes full, they deliver work full of plagiarism or content that is filled with grammar errors. In return, they do not offer revision or sometimes, refuse to deal with the issues they caused. Would you want yourself to spend your time and money on a fake company?

When you are paying someone to write a paper for you, it is their responsibility to meet the deadlines, produce a fresh piece of content and do everything it takes to provide you with the best grades. The question here arises, how to choose paper writing service which is legit?

5 tips that will help to hire the best writing company

Where to find someone who can do my paper?”, – the internet, obviously, is the best place. You do not have to go anywhere once you find a company which offers its writing services online. However, how would you know if it is a legit company or not?

Internet is the place where you will find a number of writing services who will promise you to provide you with the best academic assignment. However, in order to find the best and a genuine website to write your papers, you will need to do your homework as well. Following are the steps that need to be done before hiring a writing company online:

#1. Find companies reviews on SiteJabber

In order to avoid dealing with scams and getting your work done through a professional writing service, get the reviews of the particular company available on SiteJabber. Getting authentic reviews from SiteJabber writing services reviews will reduce trust issues and help an individual in making a better choice.

It is important that you check how the company answers and deal with their clients. Never solely trust the reviews present on their website as they are not always true and they can be self-created as well. See the rate and review SiteJabber give to the companies as they are genuinely legit.

#2. Look at the Policy

Before hiring writers who will be playing with your academic paper’s future, it is important that you go through the policies they have.

Make sure these companies offer revision in case the writers do not provide you with the type of paper you were looking for. It is important to go through the policies so that you are aware of what they are going to offer. Carefully look into their terms and condition and also see how they deal with refund.

For example, Thesis Writer offers free revisions and they aim to provide original content to the students. It is stated in their policy if there is any issue in the work produced by their writers, there will be free revisions.

#3. Check Social Activities

Whenever you are looking for companies, always see their social media accounts. Social media plays an important and for genuine writing companies, they always keep their social media account active as students mostly contact them there.

A legit company will always answer the concerns of people and stay regular on sharing insights as well. Furthermore, Facebook allows people to rate a particular business on their social media page. In order to know if the company is legit and they are doing their job correctly, you can find that out through the reviews and rating people give them.

Companies also share their papers and other academic writing content on their social accounts. For example, Writers Per Hour shares their best academic paper assignments on their Google+ and SlideShare accounts. This not only proves that they are legit, but also shows the quality of work they offer.

#4. Verified business

All of the above stated points surely verify the business. However, another way through which a student can be sure that the company is genuine is through My Business by Google. My Business verifies the location of the company by sending you the code which is linked with the location of the company. Companies get to list for free on this platform and therefore, you can check the location of your desired writing company through Google My Business.

#5. Chat with the Support

Every good writing website offers 24/7 chat support service to their clients. It is important for the support team to be knowledgeable and friendly in order to answer all your queries. If you are asking too many questions, the support team should not feel annoyed and help you by answering all of your concerns.

Furthermore, it is important that the support crew needs to be aware of the entire process. They should be aware of the policies of the company, what type of papers they offer, how skilled their writers are, the fees, all the process and the discount policy as well.

When you will see how prompt and active the team is, it will be wise to call them a legit team. Not only will you develop an understanding with the team, but you will also be able to trust them freely.


It is understandable that you will look for someone who can write the best papers online. Having that said, it is also important that you must not only trust their words – you need to see their actions as well – you need to see their social media activities and how they prove themselves as a legit company.

Do not invest you time and money in a scam company. Follow the above stated steps and save yourself from falling in the trap of a fake writing company.


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